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Foot Massage
Thai Massage Spa
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Thai Massage spa

The bustle of JK life does not leave time to unwind and even share some good energy to your family and friends in the closings for the day. It's safe to state that you're exhausted of having to return to the normal concentration on the various organizations that are in your region? Do you wish to pamper yourself with a lavish collection of spa drugs but do not have a single idea of what to look for and what you can expect from companies? It is a certifiable Thai spa is the best spa and back-focus to living space Mahabaleshwar which offers an array of meds for support that will provide you with an enthralling and relaxing experience you'll be able to recall for years. Rejuvenate yourself and stand against a frantic and unpopular life.

Deep Tissue Massage

Mix up your resources with the Deep tissue massage and spa, which helps to remember control of the major layers of tissues that make up the body, such as the belt as well as other solid tissues . The spa, which is a deterrent to back rub that is delicate and weight that is firm reduces the chemical stressors just as it reduces High Blood Pressure and the hard-hitting, pounding quality.

Foot Massage

Entertain yourself with a relieving rub for tired legs and feet which will assist you with facilitating muscle weakness and diminish strain in the most dismissed piece of the body.
Come and experience a calm body, brain and soul with the Traditional Thai Foot Massage in your feet and body overall. Utilizing tension on the reflex purposes of the feet, it delivers the blockages and mitigates pressure and strain.

Sports Therapy

Searching for the unadulterated loosening up back rub to forestall sports injury? Need to address the issues or irregular characteristics in delicate tissue caused from the challenging actual movement? Sports rub treatment is planned so that won't just calm your throbbing muscles yet additionally give help after your enormous function. This specific treatment rub, may improve execution, help recuperation and forestall injury.

Swedish Massage

Restore yourself with bountiful energy. Applying indirect pressure on your muscles, this quieting Swedish back rub will not simply work with your muscle torture yet also absorb you with a significant sensation of loosening up. People who are visiting this spa place out of the blue, or who don't get rub often can assess the Swedish back rub, During this treatment meeting the expert will work out significantly with the sensitive tissues and muscles in the body to help restore congruity and ideal prosperity.

Day Spas

The JK Wellness Spa In Mahabaleshwar offers medicines in the midst of our peaceful safe-havens where extreme spoiling, revival and rebuilding can be experienced. These calming offices are normally furnished with indoor lap pools, dry sauna, steam sauna, treatment rooms, wellness studios, magnificence focuses, and so on for customized guilty pleasures that could go from nail trims and pedicures to facials and body rubs.






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We can confidently say that our customers are made to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their time at the spa. The treatment rooms we offer are large with a lot of energy and well-organized. The spa's concentrate on relaxing to ease body pain and anxiety. The trendy metropolitan look luxurious spa is known for its unique spa treatments with a relaxed atmosphere like Aromatherapy

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